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El Gordo Results

El Gordo Results

El Gordo Results

Check your El Gordo results and see if you join Spain’s lucky winners.

El Gordo “The Fat One” Spain’s huge twice yearly lottery draw. Taking place in the summer and at Christmas time. The summer jackpot to be drawn on the 1st June is currently running at estimated E160 Million euro. Since 1812 this famous draw has been grabbing the hearts and minds of the Spanish people. Now with online lottery ticket providers, it is possible for you to take part of this excitement. See Playing El Gordo Online for more information.

Playing El Gordo Online.

El Gordo works very differently to the other lotteries here on lottery results. The draw happens twice yearly so it is more like a national raffle than a regular lottery. It can be very hard to buy tickets and they can be expensive. As one of the many benefits to buying online such as not having to worry about paperwork. Security and ease of sourcing a ticket for this lottery. At Lottery Results we have several good agents.

To play El Gordo our recommendation would go to the WinTrillions as their money back guarantee on tickets, makes it ideal for El Gordo especially due to the cost of entry. Essentially reducing your risk to zero for your first time play.

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El Gordo – Winning classes and Odds.

To play, you select 5 numbers from a range of 1-54 and an additional number from a range of 0-9 from a different number matrix. These additional number are required to win the jackpot and also apply to five secondary prizes (5+PB, 4+PB, 3+PB, 2+PB, and 0+PB). Players can select a form of 3 or 6 lines or enter the draw with a systematic form of 7, 8, 9, or 10 numbers. A systematic form produces all possible combinations of the selected numbers and increases players’ chances of winning a prize.

Next El Gordo draw is a few days away check back with us for El Gordo results. We will post immediately after the draw.

Ranking: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 5 + MB 1 : 31.625.100
2 5 1 : 3.513.900
3 4 + MB 1 : 129.082
4 4 1 : 14.342
5 3 + MB 1 : 2.689
6 3 1 : 299
7 2 + MB 1 : 172
8 2 1 : 19
9 0 + MB 1 : 10

From all here at Lottery results – best of luck on your El Gordo draw