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EuroJackpot Results

EuroJackpot Results

EuroJackpot Results

Check the latest Eurojackpot results online. Will you be among the winners?

With prize draws starting at a minimum of €10,000,000 and as is traditional for European lotteries, each time the prize remains unclaimed, it rolls over and can rise up as far as €90,000,000. It’s easy to see why EuroJackpot is amongst the most famous worldwide national lottery draws. Don’t worry should you have some matching numbers but miss the jackpot. With 11 other prize tiers, the lowest of which can be won with just 2 main numbers and 1 bonus ball. The odds are favorable for a win. Check back on our site for EuroJackpot results.

Benefits of playing EuroJackpot Online.

If you take a look in our where to play section. You will see all of our recommended agents. The benefits of playing lottery online are many: Firstly its easy to purchase tickets. You can buy last minute just before the draw in many cases. Security and safety. And if you are like most of our team you don’t need to worry about that ticket as they will Email your confirmation and more importantly notify you of a win. Its also possible to play a lottery from a country you don’t reside in, with total confidence.< That being said please take a look at the services offered by Lottoland as there introductory offer for EuroJackpot, MegaMillions, UK National Lottery, and EuroMillions it is possible to play all five lotto’s and get a free line for one of these lotteries for your first play. A great offer!!!

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EuroJackpot system winning &odds.

System: Draws: Costs:
5 from 1-50 & 2 from 1-8 Friday Weekly €2 per Line

To play EuroJackpot Just choose 5 numbers from 1-50.  Then another 2 numbers from 1-8. Each EuroJackpot draws take place on Friday night at 00.45 local time. EuroJackpot results will be online within 1 hour of the draw.

Ranking: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 5 + 2 1 : 59.325.280
2 5 +1 1 : 4.943.773
3 5 1 : 3.955.019
4 4 + 2 1 : 263.668
5 4 +1 1 : 21.972
6 4 1 : 17.578
7 3+2 1 : 5.992
8 2 + 2 1 : 418
9 3 1 : 399

From the team at Lottery results – best of luck on your EuroJackpot draw.