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Florida Lotto Results

Florida Lotto Results

Florida Lotto Results

Check Florida Lotto results online. USA’s biggest state run lottery. Is it your lucky day?

Florida Lotto is one of two lotteries run by the state of Florida. But, with four prize categories and a $106 million its the biggest and holds as of September 1990 the jackpot record Florida Lotto is one American lotto not to be missed. The Florida Lotto started 1988 with the first official draw held in May of the same year. As part of the USA’s state run lottery program, it was first introduced to raise funds for state college scholarships. Due to its popularity the state chose to keep it running. This is a fantastic lottery to play online.

Benefits of playing Florida Lotto Online.

Florida Lotto is just one of the many reasons to play lottery online. Never before has it been possible to play some of the worlds biggest prize draws if you where not currently living or holidaying in that country. Online it is also possible to buy tickets up to three hours before the draw local time. And you get the benifit of not having to worry about the paperwork or loosing a ticket, as all the correspondence and administration is in the form of email. See our “where to play” section for more info.

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Florida Lotto Odds and Winning classes.

To play Florida Lotto select 6 numbers from a guess range of 1-53. Odds to win bellow. Florida Lotto draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:15 PM EST in Tallahassee. Florida lotto results will be posted online after the draw.

Prize Category: Matching: Odds To Win:
Jackpot 6 1 : 3.838.380
2nd 5 1 : 18.816
3rd 4 1 : 416
4th 3 1 : 32

From the team at Lottery Results – Good Luck on your Florida Lotto Draw!!