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It can be a little daunting setting out to play lottery online for the first time. As keen lotto players ourselves, the team at lottery results appreciate that. So with that in mind we have thrown together this little guide, to give you a leg up and help you see the major benefits of playing lotto online.

We have started with the most popular lotto draws Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions and UK Lotto. And though we are always looking for new ticket agents these deals are exclusive to our readers through our partners on the site.

Free play – Powerball

Free Play PowerballWith it’s monster Jackpot record of $519 Million, and games taking place Wednesday and Saturday. Coupled with the crazy no-limit rollovers. It is the best reason to play lottery online.

Now available with all of our vendors but top pick goes to Lottoland who have an amazing free line offer to play Powerball and five other major lottos (try them all… we do). Second pick is TheLotter possibly the most reputable online dealer has a free line offer for this lotto also. Be sure to check them both.

Free play – MegaMillions

Free Play MegaMillionsOk ok, so… if you are not getting exited about Powerball, and you need even more excitement. We give you….. MegaMillions “the” single biggest lotto draw in the world. With a record Jackpot of over $648,000,000. Yes you read that correctly. Its the USA’s biggest online lotto draw.  But how can you play? if you are not a USA citizen? We at Lottery Results have taken care of you. With not two, but three free lotto offers from our agents exclusive.

Firstly get over to LottoLand and pick up a free line with them. Then check out TheLotter and claim your free line there. Done that already no problem. WinTrillions have at this time a referral offer where you refer a lotto playing friend and not only do you get a free line, your buddy gets one as well. Pretty neat…. we think so.

Free play – EuroMillions

Free Play EuroMillionsEuroMilions a great lotto, and the biggest International lotto in our collection. With jackpots starting at 10,000,000 Euro and a record high of €90,000,000. Draws taking place every Friday. You can get in on the action for this Lotto with our agents now.

First recommendation, goes to Lottoland as you really should check out their introductory offer. Secondly again over to TheLotter with a 100 percent refund on your first ticket purchase that is eligible for this draw, its a free lotto deal you should not miss out on.

Free Lotto – EuroJackpot

Free Play EuroJackpotEurope’s No1 multi national lottery. With draws averaging a set 15 million Euro it’s  a top pick, compared with most lotto’s the odds to win are really great.  If you are looking to play free lotto online it’s a great choice!! Draws are held on Tuesdays and Friday.

So where to get the best deal.  We are assuming by now you realize Lottoland have this lotto in their introductory offer. You could also use your deal at TheLotter if you are registered there to get a free line for this lotto as well.

Free play – UK Lotto

Free Play UK LottoUK Lotto or UK National Lottery as it very popular in the UK, with 70 percent of the population taking part. An average £5 Million Jackpot rolling over to £20,000,000. Draws take place Wednesday and Saturday.

We have three offering for the UK Lotto. First we should mention for the first time Conga Lotto they have an offer for a free line for any first time customers. Once you have claimed this head over to TheLotter with a buy 1 get one free line offer for new players. Then finaly you should check out Lottoland who’s opening offer for first time players for the following  UK Lotto, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot and Powerball for a free line on these lottos. Is the best free lotto deal in town!!!!!

Final Thoughts?

If for any reason you feel we have missed anything  out. Was there a lotto out there that you would like some more information about. If so please feel free to contact us. We welcome any opportunity to improve the site and will endeavor to get it in our posts and updates next time.

From all at Lottery Results  – good luck on your draw.