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Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto Results

Irish Lotto Results

Check out the latest Irish lotto results – play online best odds to win.

The Irish lottery first started in 1988, after the local Irish government passed legislation to allow for lotteries to be used to boost income and fund various aspects of Irish life, health and welfare. The first draw took place in April 1988 and raised over €3.6 billion for the local community. Through the years playing, there have been several notable changes in the way the game is played over the years. Originally the number ranged six balls 1-36. This increased to 1-39 and as of today it is played with 6 balls at 1-45 range. As any good lotto player knows lower ranges lead to better odds to win!! And with jackpots starting at €2 million and reaching €18,963,441 the record draw in 2009. Plus the best odds, making you 42 percent more likely to win the Irish lotto is for sure one of the best lottos in the world.

Benefits of playing Irish Lotto Online.

With a six ball draw and a range of 1-45 the Irish lotto has statistically, one of the highest chances to win of any lottery worldwide. Add to this the starting €2 million and you have a great reason to play lottery online. Now with our online agents, you no longer have to kiss the blarney stone to play Irish lotto. Couple this to the benefits of not having to worry about ticket loss, many choices of lottery and being able to play last minute.

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Irish Lotto Odds and Winning classes.

To play the Irish Lotto, choose 6 numbers between 1 and 45. Seven numbers are drawn, six regular balls and a bonus ball, all from the same drum. Cost is  €1.50 per line. The bonus number cannot contribute to a jackpot, but can help players win secondary prizes. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:00 GMT. Irish lotto results will be posted after the draw.

Class: Matching Numbers: Winning Odds:
1st Prize 6 1 : 8.145.000
2nd Prize 5+1 1 : 357.510
3rd Prize 5 1 : 34.808
4th Prize 4+1 1 : 28.579
5th Prize 4 1 : 753
6th Prize 3+1 1 : 1.755
7th Prize 3 1 : 45

From the team at Lottery results – best of luck on your Irish Lotto draw.