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La Primitiva Results

La Primitiva Results

La Primitiva Results

Check the latest La Primitiva results online, Spain’s No1 lotto.

Its hard to believe but La Primitiva is the oldest lottery game in the world. Starting as a humble tom bowler in 1793!!! It is now one of the most played and famous lottery games in the world. The weekly average  jackpot is around  €3 million. But!!! As with so many lotteries from Europe there is a rollover system. Any unclaimed prize will add to the jackpot on the following draw, with no limit. With two draws a week this can quickly exceed  €20,000,000 or more. This year La Primitiva broke all records when it reached €73 Million, following 39 rollovers Thursday February 20th 2014.

Benefits of playing La Primitiva online.

Looking in our “where to play” section you will see all of our recommended agents. Why play lottery online? Firstly its easy to purchase tickets. You can buy tickets at the last minute. In many cases hours before a draw. Security and safety. And if you are like most of our team you don’t need to worry about loosing that ticket. As your chosen agent will Email your confirmation and more importantly, notify you of a win. Perhaps the biggest plus. It is possible to play a lottery from a country you don’t reside in.

With these points in mind lottery results would like to recommend The Lotter as they have a buy 1 get 1 free offer on this lotto, doubling your chance to win.

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La Primitiva Odds & Winning classes.

To play La Primitiva choose 6 numbers ranging from 1 to 49. A player must match all six of their numbers with the six numbers drawn to win the top prize. There are also lower prize tiers for players who match fewer than all six numbers. Though as in most other lotteries. La Primitiva lottery draws is every Thursday and Saturday. La Primitiva results will be posted on this site after the draw.

Ranking: Matching: Odds To Win:
1 5 + PB 1 : 31.625.100
2 5 1 : 3.513.900
3 4 + PB 1 : 129.082
4 4 1 : 14.342
5 3 + PB 1 : 2.689
6 3 1 : 299
7 2 + PB 1 : 172
8 2 1 : 19
9 0 + PB 1 : 10

From all at Lottery Results – Good luck on your La Primativa Draw.