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Mark Six Results

Mark Six Results

Mark Six Results

Check our Mark Six Results online – Have you won this weeks jackpot?

Mark Six is a lottery from Hong Kong run from Hong Kong Islands very famous Jockey Club. This is the official lottery of Hong Kong. licensed by the Chinese Government, but dating back to when the UK ran HK Island. It is hugely popular known for its immense jackpot payouts. Starting at $5 Million HKD and following the tradition of roll overs, the prize monies can reach around an average $60 Million HKD. On average the people of Hong Kong spend $120 HKD in tickets each week. Which, based on Hong Kong’s population of 7 Million people gives you an idea just how popular this game is.

Benefits of playing Mark Six Online

The Mark Six lottery is another lottery game, where you would need to be in either on Holiday in Hong Kong or a resident to play. That is without the help of an online Agent. With an Agent you get the benefit of choice of many games world wide. Safety and security. You can buy tickets for games like the Mark Six, sometimes hours before the draw. Also if you are like the team here at Lottery Results, you never need to worry about loss of a ticket. As all number pic and wins will be confined via email. Making it easy to collect your winnings. Funds are usually transferred direct to your bank.

As It currently stands, Mark Six is only supported by TheLotter who are very reputable. With their current offer of a refund on your first draw we would recommend playing with this agent. You can also check your Mark Six results there.

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Mark Six Odds and Winning classes.

The Mark Six lottery game uses a 6/49 matrix, this means that when playing the Mark six, the player selects 6 numbers from a range of numbers from 1 – 49. Should you match all 6 numbers then you have won the jackpot.  A total of 7 numbers are drawn from a traditional ball drawing machine containing 49 numbers (a number can only be drawn once) the first 6 balls being the draw numbers with the 7th ball being a bonus number. There are several prizes in addition to the main prize. It is actually possible to win three tiers in one play.

Mark Six Lotto take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10.00pm. Mark Six results will be posted online after each draw.

Ranking: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 6 1 : 13.983.816
2 5+1 1 : 2.330.636
3 5 1 : 54.201
4 4+1 1 : 44.393
5 4 1 : 0.032
6 3+1 1 : 2.436
7 3 1 : 57

From all here at Lottery Results – Good luck on your Mark Six draw!