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Powerball Results

Powerball Results

Powerball Results

Check the latest Powerball results online  – win big today!

Part of the famous Multi-State Lottery Association Powerball like it’s sibling Mega Millions, is one the USA’s biggest and most popular lottery games. With a starting jackpot of a minimum of $40,000,000, which is the biggest starting jackpot in the world. And jackpots exceeding the half billion dollar mark on a regular basis. All this stacks up to Powerball lotto being the number 3 Guinness book of world records all time ranking for a lottery payouts. Powerball like its big brother MegaMillions is a fantastic reason to play lottery online. Be sure to check out our where to play section for more information. Please be aware all US lottery winnings are subject to State and Federal taxes. Even if you reside elsewhere.

Benefits of playing Powerball Online

A few years ago you would need to reside in the USA to play Powerball. Not so today. If you take a look in our “where to play” section you will see all of our recommended agents who support Powerball. Here are a few benefits of playing lotteries online: For starters its easy. There is a huge range of tickets. You can buy just before the draw in many cases. It’s safe. There are no more worries in loosing that winning ticket. You will get Email confirmations and notifications should you win. It is also possible to play a lottery like Powerball worldwide with confidence.

That being said, please take a look at the services offered by Wintrillions as their 100% money back guarantee on first tickets makes it ideal for a draw with Powerball. Taking the risk out of your first time playing with them.

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Powerball Odds and Winning classes

Play Powerball online by selecting five main numbers these range from 1-59 and one single Power Ball from a range of 1-35. Play takes place on your choice of 3-line or 5-line tickets. US Powerball winning numbers are drawn each Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 EST. Powerball results will be posted online after the draw.

Class: Matching Numbers: Winning Odds:
1 5 + PB 1 : 175.223.510
2 5 1 : 5.153.633
3 4 + PB 1 : 648.976
4 4 1 : 19.088
5 3 + PB 1 : 12.245
6 3 1 : 361
7 2 + PB 1 : 707
8 1 + PB 1 : 111
9 0 + PB 1 : 56

From the team at Lottery Results – Good Luck on your Powerball lotto draw!