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SuperLottoPlus Results

Superlottoplus Results

Superlottoplus Results

Check the latest SuperLottoPlus results, California’s biggest lotto!!

SuperLottoPlus is based in sunny state of California. One of the USA’s biggest State run national lotteries, this lottery started as Super Lotto in 1984, changing its name in 2000 to SuperLottoPlus. The record winning payouts was record in 2002 was $193,000,000. SuperLottosPlus is one of the USA’s most popular local state lotteries. This and many other great USA lotteries are available to play online. See our “where to play” section. Please note all US lottery wins are subject to US tax.

Benefits of playing SuperLottoPlus Online

SuperLottoPlus is another lottery that at one time you would need to either reside in the USA or take be on holiday to participate. Now with many excellent online agents you can choose from a huge array of lotto draws. Buy ticktes even minutes before the draw. And be sure that the whole process is safe and secure, from purchasing the ticket to claiming your prize money. The process is all backed up with email confirmations, so even if you are like the team here, you never need to worry about loosing that winning ticket again.

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SuperLottoPlus Odds and Winning classes

Players select 5 numbers with a range of 1-47 and one MegaBall range 1-27. If the player select all five and the bonus ball you win the jackpot. Other combinations make up the smaller bonus prizes. Draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:57 local time. SuperLottoPlus results will be posted online after the draw.

Prize Ranking: Matching: Odds To Win:
1 5 + MB 1 : 41.416.535
2 5 1 : 1.592.937
3 4 + MB 1 : 197.221
4 4 1 : 7585
5 3 + MB 1 : 4810
6 3 1 : 185
7 2 + MB 1 : 361
8 2 1 : 74
9 0 + MB 1 : 49

From the team at Lottery Results – Good luck at the next SuperLottoPlus draw